“Human You Are Spirit.”

To see the Spirit, to hear the Spirit, to feel the Spirit, is to see what the Spirit sees, to hear what the Spirit hears, to feel what the Spirit feels.

To feel the Spirit is to invoke the Spirit. To invoke the Spirit is to feed the Spirit. If you seek the Spirit, seek what the Spirit seeks.

Throughout the ages, there have been activities that have helped us humans connect with our spiritual essence, the core of our nature. Fasting is one of them.  

Rather than mere abstinence from the flesh just to get divine favour, a job, university admission, promotion, a wife, husband and so on (all still linked to fleshly desires), we could see fasting as a temporary detachment from the grossly material state, to tune into the frequency of the Spirit.

The abstinence from the desires of the flesh (which are there for us to consciously and conscientiously entertain) is but a momentary offering given at the altar of the temple which is your being; sacrificing that which is precious to you, those things that give the material part of our being animation, energy and aura.

The reward is not fleshly but the purification and renewal of the true self, the Spirit. Now, in that state, being light, less dense, a little freed from gross matter, One can perceive what it is that the Spirit sees, hears, feels, seeks, as it relates to One and all, at that moment, before and beyond.

P.s: Everything earthly and fleshly would come, after One has found the Kingdom within.

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