Masked Feelings and Exposed Pretense


I came around and you looked away with your guards up.

My peripheral vision caught you staring with your guard down.

You build a wall around yourself, hoping I’d get a ladder or fix a door.

You act like you don’t want to get acquainted.

yet, you know more about me than an acquaintance.

Purposely you ignore me.

Unconsciously you study me.

With mocking laughter you lie to the world that you don’t care.

Behind closed doors your heart cries for its desire.

Backing natural inclinations I can hardly blame you.

Trust is scarce and many have made you beauty’s fool.

Feasting on flesh, eating out souls.

They drink the cup andĀ keepĀ the water in the sink.

Though people’s thoughts may change your mind,

Fickle thoughts won’t change a thing.

I am someone you’re yet to know.

You are someone without knowledge of that.


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