Love Beyond Today



Love for a day. Love for a day. A special day set aside for values that ought to be part of everyday life but isn’t always the case due to circumstances and inadequacies.

Picture a world, excited about love every other day as it normally is on this day, paradise lost would have been restored. There’d be more smiles than frowns. Less friction and more flow.

What’s love for a day, just day? Love needs more than a day to be celebrated, especially with all the hate in the world. To love, takes more than a day.

Though pacing hearts might skip a beat, love is never in a hurry.

Handing a gift the power to make a hard countenance become suddenly tender, warm and caring, is to love the gift more than the giver.

Giving your time is of more value than a Rolex.

Being present is more of a gift than a Benz with a ribbon on it, delivered by some guy from the car dealership, paid extra to sing Happy Birthday to You.

Love itself is the gift. Loving life. Loving all of nature. Loving the poetry of it all. To love the smile on faces when you offer help. To love the way your voice echoes in a tunnel. Loving the taste of your favourite food. To love the communication between the eyes of soulmates.

Love is more than just a thing or a feeling. Love is in being.

Love for only those we know, is one built on the pre-condition of familiarity. Our love has been exclusive, since we lost our trust on the way here. “Love” – preserved for members. “Like” – reserved for strangers. When we don’t accept our differences, we reject love. When disgust is evoked by complexion, a cruel passion burns in place of affection.

What’s love when a lover hates a hater? What’s love when a lover hates what a hater loves?

It’s all love when you hate yourself for a hurtful act.

When a hater loves though, love becomes power.

Love could be amorous. A feeling so fabulous, though, not always glamorous.

Love is not blind to the truth for the sake of feelings.

The first impression is not always the last in the presence of love.

True love would remain when there’s nothing to be gained and only sacrifices to be made.

Love doesn’t stay for only a day. Love outlives our lifetime.


4 thoughts on “Love Beyond Today

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  1. This is awesome! This is exactly how I feel and others should as well. I’ve written a blog yesterday about this very subject and how time is the true love.. Not just a day

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  2. Thanks a lot! I’m glad someone other than myself could relate to what I was saying. I feel this particular sentiment is growing too. People are feeling the need for more love in the world, love beyond a commercialized holiday that’s concerned more about people’s pockets than their hearts. I read your blog about the topic and it was like you were in my head. What you did for your kids is the true love. Indeed true love is time intensive.


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