The In-between


What goes up must come down.

Gravity loves mass. The ether favours levitation.

North, south, east and west share a bond at the center.

Earth, water, wind and fire all breathe essence.

The present is the living spirit of the past walking into the future.

Today is the thin line between yesterday and tomorrow.

Neutral is the peace-maker between positive and negative.

The bad makes us appreciate the good.

Gloom accentuates joy.

Pain gives pleasure its thrill.

Famine brings out the blessing in a harvest.

Strengths are born out of weaknesses.

A succession of failures is the build-up to accomplishment.

Chaos creates space for order.

We only ask for peace because of war.

The truth owes its existence to lies.

Bitterness is the secret of the pleasure of sweetness.

Silence houses all kinds of noise.

Hate is the evil twin of love.

Right and wrong are the two arms of perfection

Big is the multiplication of something small.

Thin and fat are degrees of physical elasticity.

Long and short are the offsprings of length.

High without low is like the top without a base.

Narrow and wide are expressions of space.

Tall and little are extremities of height.

Slow and fast are the parents of rhythm.

Far is near at the other end.

Warmth is the love-child of hot and cold.

Leisure is the reward for work done.

Numbness gives feel its rush.

Night is the living shadow of day.

Questions are old answers in a new light.

Ignorance is the darkness that births the light of awareness.

From limitation freedom gets its value.

Giving and receiving, the poetry of harmony.

From inside, the outside was formed.

Gratitude is the bridge between discontent and satisfaction.

Wisdom is the knowledge gained from foolishness.

Courage and fear are sides of the split personality of the self in survival mode.

On and off are the sleeping and waking states of power.

Guilt and innocence, the control pads of the blame game.

Old and new is the same thing in different places on a timeline.

Hurry usually ends with lessons on patience.

Reality is the after-life of ideas.

A dream is a spiritual simulation of consciousness.

The spirit is the life of the body.

Mind is the eternal source of fleeting matter.

Eternity is the immortal self of Father Time.

Youth is an adventure . Old age is the climax.

Life could be a beautiful sunrise on a new dawn

and death, a scarlet sunset dipping into a golden twilight.


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