Rhapsody In Bohemia

They found a beautiful way to talk about ugly truths.

An attractive veil to cloak a contoured surface.

Calling a spade a shovel, digging for substance.

Unearthing the extra buried in the seemingly “ordinary”.

Once obscured in plain sight, now revealed in secret spaces.

Coming to light through the flash in the first ever lenses known to man.

A close-knit community of words shape-shift into 1000 mega pixels;

And no longer half-empty was the cup with the wine to wash down the half-bread.


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    Every child that is born into a family comes with his or her survivalist kit: initially, his Cerelac, toys, Bonjela to cure his injured lips; then, later his meals of oats, eggs, ọ̀jẹ̀, sausages, rice as well as his school fees , books, biros, school bags and other physical needs required for his upbringing – all wrapped into his/her parents’ incomes. Sometimes, these resources are hard to come by even though they are divinely provided somewhere and may have to be borrowed at times, but paid for later, as he/she must have them to get by.. What is not provided through nurturing is innate in him/her, the traits that run in the clan or family bloodline. Every child is born with it and blessed are those who can identify these hereditary endowments and make the best of them Hence, Femi and Seun who came from Fela’s loin, are musical idols today. Gerard Achile Idakwoji , may equally be called ‘son of the gun,’ as he seems to toe this line, after yours truly who is aspiring to be called an author, lexicographer, playwright, etc., Chile also takes after his uncle, Paul Idakwoji who, until his untimely passage (God bless his soul), wielded a strong pen! All one can do is to be grateful to God for a father’s fulfilment: having gifted children that are not only blessed with phenomenal Intelligence Quotients but also have recognized their God-given talents which they’re prepared to exploit to their naturally installed capacities. I thank God for Chile, who is progressively becoming an Environment Brand, and for his adeptly professional siblings you’ve not met yet. What other form of fulfilment does a father need?

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