Ethereal Life


Ancient unmoving beings guide a path.

Master Teacher in their shadows basks.

A conversation between nature and self.

Silent interaction between decades and centuries.

Rings in the monk-like wooden beings tell stories:

The serene, surreal epoch of lush climax communities;

Times of plenty; phases of austerity; dark eras;

Ages of enlightenment; and enduring stints of encroachment.

Mother Earth paints Life’s portrait in the inner room of the one inside.

Sincere devotion, of the performing artist and the art enthusiast.

Master Teacher reflects on Master Artist’s ways:

Appreciation of the Master Scientist’s works.

Perfect mastery reflects the mastered mind of the greatest mastermind.

The tuner of brainwave frequency points to 33 degrees.

“Thou art a work of art,” says the mystique softly, in silent whispers.

“Immaculately sketched and invented.”


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