That Piece Of The Puzzle That’s Peace For The Puzzled


Something’s missing. Two pupils go seeking. Though, the little orbs know not the image to capture.

To need something, to know not what it is. Not exactly the dilemma of the millennia, nevertheless, a state of unknowing, despite the conviction of something yet unknown.

Faith hangs somewhere in the balance of this paradox.

For something you’re looking for to find you, is quite equivalent to the mountain coming to Mohammed.

Relocating a relief feature telepathically: A feat of Faith.


Wouldst thou wait for the impossible to occur, or, make Faith perform a miracle for thy pleasure?

Situations demand for supply of muted vocals more expressive than words, more suggestive than words, more than words can ever claim to be.

No matter what one says, one always gives one’s self away.

You know what you want. Nature knows what you need.

A longing being the same thing the status quo necessitates, is that “1%”.

So rare, its manifestation seldom has a witnessing presence.



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