The 11th Hour


Hold on . . .

Bear the weight of the wait.

Hold on . . .

To every moment it creates.


The good, the great,

The bad, the sad,

Simple days, hard times,

Dull afternoons, fright nights.


Persevere, no matter how severe


Hold on small boy.

Star of your day dreams.

Shame hunger, play, dream.

Don’t wake up tomorrow, all grown up.


Hold on young girl.

Sing like an angel enamoured.

Glow with pure allure.

Pick not a ┬álifestyle you can’t afford.


Hold on mister.

Perspective, respect it.


Hold on sister.

Avoid those haunting eyes of your own reflection.

Be reflective.


Hold on, as hope and despair contest,

For the 11th hour is always the longest.


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