Greater Light, Fleeting Nights.


Mama Nature hibernated, as we enjoyed series after series after series of adventures in Cloud Town. We slept, praying and wishing our dreams would last long and last long they did. 6 hours in real life felt like 2 weeks in that dreamy realm. Even the moon, glowing still, refused parting at dawn, sharing the cool blue sky with the morning star for a bit.

Now, the long sleep ends and Mama Nature awakens to a new cycle. The sun hangs directly overhead the great circle on the celestial sphere, as it crosses  the equator, equally distanced from the north and south poles. The first of two times when light and dark halve the day,  voicing to the world, “balance.”

“I am,” says Light, ready to begin again, the great annual celestial journey, visiting the 12 houses of heaven. Arriving Mars’ abode, day and night span the same. There, in the milky way, is Venus, moon-walking, weighing the old to part and the new to come.

Another new beginning in the skies, marks a fresh season on gravity’s back. The eye lids of the world parts open. The night was long and cold. All things bearing Life’s DNA shriveled in the dark.

Behold, the draggy days are upon us. Same old days, longer than they normally feel. Just Mama Nature playing mind games on its offspring. Morning birds with racy hearts, more than eager to add harmony to dawn’s symphony.

Moments in Cloud Town whiz by. “30 more minutes,” pleads the dreamer. Time becomes a lot more precious for the nocturnal.

Up north, new life springs forth. Down south, leaves fall to earth. Towards the lands in-between, the Rain-man’s soggy steps echo. The spotlight, prolonged, dwells on Flora, excitedly anticipating bloom, with more ingredients to prepare a meal of chlorophyll for Life, the celebrant.

Written in the stars, is the plot for this play called Life, where ends are beginnings, and the dead live again, and withered leaves become sprouts and light is birthed in the dark.


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    1. You’re most welcome da-AL. Thanks to you too for stopping by Geoidhead; glad your time and data spent here is worthwhile as well. I find your blog really engaging too. The art, the pets, the history…really interesting stuff. All the best with ‘Flamenco and the Sitting Cat.’

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