The Penman’s Ship

The penman's ship


Across the deep, sails the Penman’s ship,

An otherworldly vessel ferrying wordy vessels.

Swaying with grace on life-giving waters,

Behold, the gods’ bedazzling favourite daughter.


Right in this craft, is a free wheel,

Steering itself, moved by how the sea feels.

Oceans being emotions, rocking the olden ship

Where thin King Cap serves brew for the crew in sips.


She drifts, as the crow flies,

To where the sun’s glow dies.

Brightening dark imagined nations:

States that bar emancipation.


Bracing tempests, on spine-tingling quests,

Seeking missing worlds made of living words.

Searching the depths for truth to unearth

And bounteous coasts upon which to berth.




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