Night Visions

Alive awake, alive in dreams. One personality, two forms. One life in two worlds. Material man in the physical realm, etheric man in a dynamic sphere, where the dynamo of volition creates possibilities the conscious mind would rarely conceive. Within the space of a second, the transformation occurs; the slip, quiet and quick. First person view changes to different camera angles. Man of earth becomes man of light. Daring and flexible. Forever on a truth-seeking adventure, searching places unknown, yet, strangely familiar. Sir Light walks a world where the past present and future play out simultaneously. Living dreams, dreaming reality; inter-dimensional existence. The thin line separating both realms appears like a mirage; it’s there . . . still, it isn’t. The eyes see what they want to, not everything in full view. The heart convinces them to look closely and trust becomes the key to an ancient door, which opens to a secret reality often heard about, yet, seldom experienced. Dream flashes, as real life scenes. The abstract is perceptible in the subconscious realm but esoteric in the material world.

Mr Matter waits at the coast of Dream Land for Sir Light, to come with a vivid or vague footage of adventures in Cloud Town. 


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