The world turns, night falls on one half and on the other side, day breaks. Days pass by, leaving in their trail weeks. Weeks come and go in fours and we look back on them as months. Months group themselves in dozens, forming years which become decades in a jiffy.

   Times change, people age, centuries pass and nature evolves, while Father Time keeps flying in his private jet. Yesterday left us with memories: the days of posting hand-written letters; the times when life was more private, before the unbiased spotlights of social networks; the quiet days of the not-so-industrialized world without reverberating power generators, when one could enjoy flipping through sweet-smelling pages of novels fast losing popularity to e-books (well, who won’t want a library in a hand bag or jeans pocket? Only a dinosaur, perhaps).

   Wishing on the past though is a subtle form of resisting change. While the world slept, the future came and nothing was the same. Our world is changing and systems are transforming to suit the times. Motion is much faster now as the vibrant energy of modernization buzzes all around.

   These days, a Benz, or Toyota cruising past might not stimulate the sense of wonder like cars did in the early 1900s, even though that’s like over a hundred live horses underneath the bonnet. Imagine a few days journey for a chariot covered in 11 hours; what would our fore-fathers have thought of this, or even speaking with someone on the other side of the globe? – perhaps, they would have referred to what we term a phone call as advanced telepathy. No point in guessing their reaction to the robotic car (autonomous/driverless car). A car driving itself would stupefy anybody, even the modern man. The safety and practicability of this new technology however, is still under scrutiny.

   Regardless of the benefits and safety hazards, we’ve gotten really used to living with the machines. They fuse into our daily lives, helping us out in one little way or the other. The World-Wide-Web spawned by technology seems to have caught on pretty well. Almost everything – if not everything – is online now: schooling, working, buying and selling, religious and spiritual activities, “hooking-up”, counselling, governing . . . you name it, it’s all there.

   Millennials are particularly taken to this new development, which, to them, is more than welcome. “Welcome to the future”, they say to older adults from a pre-dated time-zone, who try to run them down for spending too much time on high-tech devices. Somehow though, it has helped them to boycott the cold shoulders of the bureaucracy which, in quite recent times, is failing to live up to its reputation of daily bread supplier. 

   Thanks to the internet, our world has shrunk into a global village, acculturation is happening at a faster pace, so much mental configuration and re-configuration is going on due to troves of info being circulated each second and let’s not forget too that cyber terrorism is also on the rise as well.

   Creativity holds sway now (well, not like it hasn’t from time, it’s just much more prominent these days). Youths around the world walk the streets with so much potential energy coursing through their veins, eager to transform it into some kinetic force that can transform the world.

   With this new-found mentality, they confront old, tired and failing ideologies and concepts, asking questions that are no doubt, changing the world. Tapping into the ever-expanding potential of the mind, new-school inventors breakthrough with master pieces, adding a lot to creation. With brain-children being birthed by the day, we see that the mind still hasn’t revealed its limit to us; ages pass and it keeps showing us its depth, which seems to be without borders.

   Owing to this intense surge of creative will-power, the world is much more colourful and “tech”. Out at sea, we are afloat on vessels (some of them floating villas with bars, clubs, swimming pools and sports courts). In the skies, we have placed steel birds; big birds stomaching living things who aren’t anything like digesting prey. On land, we keep going faster and faster. In outer space, we orbit our planet, looking for what lies beyond us in the milky way, hoping to find extraterrestrials or planetary bodies to latch our anthropoidal legacies unto.

   Survival has brought us here, standing on the edge of a dying epoch, about to step into a new day. Sure, modernism has done a lot for the world. However, it would be speaking truthfully to say that it’s doing a lot to it at the same time. The Industrial Revolution came with a fatal side-effect that we never thought of (or, maybe, pretended not to foresee), when it was just the locomotive train and cotton mills.

   Weather scientists have been beating our ear-drums that the globe is getting hotter and hotter. By the day, gas flaring and c02 fumes eat away our ozone layer, mother earth’s very own sun-block. Her temperature increases as though she’s having a high fever. She shivers and lands quiver. Her spasms come in the form of earthquakes, landslides and avalanches. Tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons happening unusually frequently, might be Her own way of trying to cool off or just manifesting erratic ways of alerting mankind that She’s not feeling too well.

   It’s now up to the creature with the “largest brain” on the planet to ask this question: “Do we enjoy prosperity at the expense of posterity?”

   Already, efforts are being made to look for alternative sources of renewable, eco-friendly energy. The puzzling issue, however, is whether the allure of capitalism and the power trips from politicking and militaristic tendencies (war mongering) are too tempting to even consider the health of our dear, aged planet.

   A lot has transformed in the external world but in the mind of the modern human, there are still some rather unpleasant similarities with the minds of people who existed in the bygone eras. Ideals seem like they are just ideals, bringing out our imperfections. That we haven’t been able to transcend hate, injustice, inequality, bigotry, racism, ethnocentrism, hypocrisy, condescension and so on, after ages of existing as homo-sapiens, might mean that we haven’t really changed on the inside; except this is who we are and our ceaseless desire for perfection, is just another lofty, unattainable aspiration.

   Of course, we have come a long way from the barbaric cultures of ancient traditions. In all fairness to us too, change doesn’t occur overnight. Who knows, the evolution of the thinking man, might be the higher man; a personification of perfection in thought, speech and action.

Father Time comes in his private jet, holding the present, as we wait, eager to see what it has in store for us.

If it’s a new day in history, then, the sun rises in the east, casting the shadow of the world on the west.

All the Supreme Creator’s creatures experience an awakening from  a deep slumber, dizzy from being unconscious for a while.

Consciousness spreads and minds glow, as the cool transient light of dawn shines down on all of existence.


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